Choosle is a collection of comparison matrices about different topics. It is also a tool to build such matrices.

A comparison matrix, called "a Choosle" here, aligns different options to choose from (alternatives, possibilities) on one axis. The other axis lists multiple factors (criteria). Each factor forms a context for comparing the pro and con arguments of the different options.

Visual Rating

To better compare these arguments, the corresponding information can be rated visually. These ratings, together with the weight of the associated factor, form the ranking for the options.

Helping People, People Helping You

Most people are experts in some areas. You can share a Choosle with others by simply sending them a link. Let them add new options, new factors, correct and extend the data you have collected so far, or only let them comment on your views.

Your Choosle can also explain your point of view. It can help people to understand the reasons for your decisions. Maybe they will even see, that the argument, they disagree on, does not have a real impact on the end result.

When you decide to open your Choosle to the public, it adds to the pool of examples. Such an example can help someone to get started on a new decision or to rethink an old one.


Some decisions can take some time to develop. Add more and more arguments, change your ratings or even delete an option, no longer available. When the time is right, you can quickly recall all the essential information to make the decision.

After a decision has been made, the information of a Choosle becomes old news. Not quite! Maybe that particular decision belongs to the past, but you will likely be confronted with similar ones in the future. Maybe the options have changed, but you can probably reuse many factors.

When a friend is facing a difficult decision, one of your old Choosles might help her to choose her optimal alternative.


Please use one of the following communication channels to ask questions, tell us your idea about improving Choosle or to help us by reporting a bug.

You can use the same channels to stay informed about future improvements we are going to build.

Choosle 1.0.0

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