Choosle before you leap!
Choosle before you leap!

Choosle helps you decide better...

Use Cases

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Explain your decision

Justify your decision to your boss: "As you can see, I chose the service based on its competitive pricing and superior features at the time, offering more value compared to alternatives.".


Compare Products

Compare products from different stores, add your own criteria, rate them from your perspective and see how important the price really is.

You might even mark a killer argument to exclude a product from consideration.

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Sell your favorite

"Look guys, that's why we have to go to Seattle instead of Vegas or even Dallas! It's much... and ..."


Find Hotel

Find your best spot to stay at for your next holidays. Big TV in the room or closer to the sea? Combine your findings from different providers and let your spouse add his preferences.

Example Choosles


Why Choosle

Why to choose Choosle for your next decision.


Types of Choosles

Different types of Choosles and the basic motivation for each of them.


Emails Choosle

Collection of experiences with different email desktop clients.


Rating Arguments

Argument Rating

Mark a pro or con arguments quickly via a 5-star rating or show more detailed differences with a slider.

Weighing Factors

Factor Weights

Tell the importance of a factor by it's weight. All the corresponding arguments reflect this visually and the option ranking adapts accordingly.

You can also ignore a factor completely to see it's influence on the ranking.

Ranking Options

Ranking Options

The options are automatically ranked based on their argument ratings, weighted according to the corresponding factor. See the winner changing as you adjust a significant rating or weight.

Move Option

Reorder Options and Factors

Move your options and factors around quickly to have the most important ones in one sight.

Also sort options by score or factors by weight.

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